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An Author’s/Authors’ submission of a text to the Geografický časopis /Geographical Journal shall be taken to denote that publication elsewhere is not foreseen.

The submission of a work for publication is tantamount to Authors’ expressing consent for the free publication of it by the Institute of Geography of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, both in print and electronic formats and open Internet.

In line with the principles of propriety, authors are expected to reveal the identities of all entities and persons contributing to a given publication’s emergence (be this contribution substantive, financial or of any other kind). Where there is more than one author, it will be necessary for the Editorial Office to be informed in writing of the roles given individuals have played (as authors of the concept or assumptions, performers of laboratory analyses, etc.).

The main responsibility in these cases shall be that of the author submitting a manuscript to the Editorial Office and thus alerting the latter to the manuscript’s existence. Any concealing of information of the aforesaid kind shall be deemed scientific unreliability, with examples of this kind of activity identified being made subject to disclosure.

It is unacceptable for anyone to ascribe the authorship of the texts or findings of others to him/herself, or else to invoke such work and cite fragments thereof without indicating sources. Should cases of plagiarism be revealed, information on this will be posted in the journal.

The Editorial Office does not return unused material, though returns of this kind are possible should the author(s) so wish.