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The submission of a text for publication to the Geografický časopis / Geographical Journal stall be deemed tantamount to an expression of consent on the part of the author(s) to their being made subject to the applied review procedure.
After preliminary formal qualification by the Editorial Office, all original and review articles shall be made subject to the review procedure.
The review of texts shall take place in compliance with the principles of confidentiality and the anonymity of both parties. Where necessary, the Editorial Office shall serve as the intermediary in exchanges of information between the author(s) and the reviewers.
The Editorial Office shall make its selection of (not less than two) reviewers from among competent individuals in the field represented by a given work, as legitimised by their possession of qualifications to at least doctoral level.
Reviewers shall be required to fill in a form and as necessary to supplement it with detailed, hand-written remarks. Subsequently, the Editorial Office shall further anticipate receipt from them of a precisely formulated decision regarding the qualification (or non-qualification) for publication of the given work.
The author(s) shall receive a review with a request that positions be adopted in respect of the remarks made by reviewers and the Editorial Office, as well as corrections, cuts or additions made in line with them. Non-compliance with suggestions made is to be accounted for in writing.
The final decision regarding publication and the attendant time schedule shall be a matter for the Editorial Office, which also reserves the right to make cuts in texts or to introduce corrections in respect of style.
A list of reviewers shall be published annually on the website (in respect of the preceding year).

Lists of reviewers